About Us

Focuz Medicare facilitates optimum health care to our clients by associating with best healthcare institutions across India. We closely understand the requirements and provide the most suitable array of facilities through selected healthcare bodies considering their area of specialization, infrastructure & facilities etc… We follow a process of understanding the patients and handle all our patients with compassion and create a caring and supportive environment. Focus Medicare is a one stop resource for the travelling patient – we take care about the visa, logistics, from travelling to accommodation, stay, transportation for medical treatment and hospitalization

We take pride in introducing ourselves a facilitator for all medical treatments in India. We are a team of specialised doctors and non-medical professionals, hence understand your need. India is the favourable destination of all medical specialities because of its infrastructure on par with US and Europe. Hence it ensures that you get the best possible treatment without spending much money. Expertised in the areas of Neurosurgery, Cardiac surgery, Ayurvedic medical treatment, Orthopedic surgery, Eye care, Dental treatments etc.


We Help you

In making informed decisions on selecting hospitals

In significant cost savings compared to domestic private health care.


Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda is a very ancient and time-tested system of holistic therapy that gives importance to one's lifestyle and helps....


Focuz Holidays

We have thoughtfully diversified our domain expertise and it now includes Travel Documentation...