Department of Orthopaedics
The Department of orthopaedics is staed with highly qualied doctors and deals with the whole range of orthopaedic problems. Our team of Orthopaedic surgeons are available round the clock for any ortho related problems for out patients, emergencies and inpatients. 24 x 7 trauma care for patients who have been involved in an accident and suer from injuries.


> Operation Theatre equipped with Laminar Air flow.
> Post operative pain control by epidural and IV analgesia by a team of experienced anaesthesiologists
> State of the art Instrumentation
> Well equipped ICU for post operative care.

> Joint replacements-computer assisted surgery

• Total hip replacement
• Total knee replacement { unilateral and simultaneous Bilateral }
• Total shoulder replacement
• Total elbow replacement

> Arthroscopic surgery

• Key hole surgery for disorders of knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle .
• One day admission{ Day care procedures}. Patient is mobile within a day.
• Surgery for ACL/ PCL/MCL and PF ligament reconstruction.
• Shoulder rotator cuff and instability correction / ligament reconstruction.

> Ilizarov and External Fixation Device

• Ilizarov and External Fixation Device
• Management of open fractures
• Limb lengthening
• Correction of deformities
• Fusion of joints

> Spinal Surgery

• Disc surgery
• Surgery for spondylolysthesis
• Fixation Systems for fractures
• Surgery for tuberculosis


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